Best Gmail Backup Solution for Windows / Mac OS – Upcoming Year 2019

In the today’s era of technology, there a number of email applications. No doubt, there offer some of the unique features to its users. But, there are a number of instances when a user is not contented with the services it provides. At that time, switching to Gmail proves to be a useful option. The most important benefit of using Gmail is the data can be backed up or archived easily. There are many best Gmail Backup solution for both Win & Mac OS to backup Gmail mailboxes. Top 10 tools are explained in the write-up to archive Gmail data.

Need to Backup Gmail Account Mail

Consider the following scenario:

Your Gmail account contains some confidential business information. The customers contact you via this Gmail account. Have you ever wondered what will happen if your Gmail data cannot be accessed? What if the emails are lost or compromised? The bitter truth is nowadays, the hackers hack the account and steal the sensitive information from there. There are pretty good chances that a user will lose all the relevant information.

Also, there is a human error. Data can also be lost when an email is deleted by the user itself. Within a duration of time, the emails can be recovered. But, it is not possible to restore the message after a long period of time.

A user does not need to worry about the data if he/she obtains a regular backup of the Gmail data.

Top 10 Tools to Backup Gmail Emails and Attachments

The most popular utilities which help a user to archive data of Gmail and backup Gmail data are explained in detail here.

1. Google Takeout

It is the simplest backup solution offered by Google. Using the settings of Gmail, a user can export all the Google data. Google Takeout either transfers data to the Google Drive or download the files in a ZIP file. This approach is easy, adequate, and free.


Pros of Google Takeout:

It is easily available and it is a free utility.

If any accident like data loss, server downtime, data deletion, virus attacks, etc., occurs, data can still be availed.

Cons of Google Takeout:

The maximum size of data to obtain backup is 5 GB.

The link generated by Google Takeout invalidates after 7 days. So, after 7 days, the data cannot be extracted.

2. SysTools Gmail Backup Software

This is the automated tool for secure backup of Gmail emails with attachments. It provides an option to export Gmail data to Outlook PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG. In addition to emails, other data items like emails, contacts, documents, calendars are backed up. If the process is interrupted in between, it can be resumed from the time where it was left. For a reliable archiving process, the internet bandwidth is managed.


After downloading Gmail data, space is freed up. For this, a user needs to click on the desired option. Moreover, this tool is compatible with Windows as well as Mac operating system. It also equips a user to export selective data. A user can export data falling under a specific date range.

3. Spinbackup

This Gmail Backup tool comes up in two versions: G Suite version and Spinbackup for an individual purpose. Offers Save Gmail data on Cloud. This application will backup Gmail data from Google cloud to Spinbackup cloud. If the data is less than 4 GB, a user can backup the data for free. But, for the larger size of data, a user has to opt for monthly or yearly subscription plans.

4. Backupify

It is another software in the league of cloud-to-cloud backup option for Google Apps. The demand for this tool has decreased because the price of this application is relatively high. The most important disadvantage of cloud-based tools is the user does not have a local copy. If there is no internet connectivity, the Gmail data cannot be accessed.

5. Gmvault

It is a smooth set of Python scripts which will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system. The tool equips a user with a huge variety of functionalities like backing up overall Gmail data and allowing a user to export emails to another Gmail account. This solution is chosen when it is demanded to move data from one Gmail account to another.

6. Mailstore Home

It is a free tool to backup Gmail data. No doubt, the tool offers many advantages to its user but, it consumes a lot of time. It is the best option for a few numbers of emails. When it comes to a large number of emails, it hangs a lot and may take approx 48 hours to complete the backup process. Another problem associated with this tool is it is not supported on Mac operating system.

7. MailArchiver X

This Gmail Backup Solution is specifically designed for the Mac operating system. It is not compatible with the Windows operating system. Although the tool is not free, it offers some very interesting features to its users.

8. Unsafe

Till last year, Unsafe is a free Windows application that can be downloaded and installed on the system. But, at this instant, it has a Google account that offers cloud to cloud backup service and works on Backblaze B2 and Amazon S3. Price of Unsafe is $3/month or $24/year. At this price, a user is equipped to the backup unlimited amount of data.

9. YippieMove

A long time ago, this company was known as Wireload. This tool charges $15 for moving a single account. It is a bit expensive plan as compared to other applications. This software is mainly opted by large-scale enterprises.

10. Local Email Service Provider Software

In this approach, a client can use any other email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail to backup data from Gmail account. This can be done by modifying settings in Gmail account. It is required to enable IMAP settings in Gmail. To do this, go to Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> Enable IMAP and then connect email client with Gmail.

The only disadvantage of this technique is the selected email client has to be active all the time whenever a user needs to access the data of Gmail.

The Bottom Line

The data of Gmail is stored in the cloud. So, one cannot always rely on the cloud. Hence, it is always recommended to take a backup of Gmail database. For this, Best Gmail Backup Solution guide is explained in the write-up for the upcoming year 2019. A user can select any of them depending on the requirements.

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